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That’s what Milton CAT work tools are all about – adding power to your equipment, increasing their capabilities and extending their money-making potential across the four seasons.

With the right work tool, you’ll never have to turn down an opportunity. And the best part is, you can count on the Milton CAT work tool inventory and on the expert support of our staff. 


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New Work Tools

Asphalt Cutters Augers Broom
Brush Cutters Buckets Cold Planers
Forks Grapples Hammers
Landscape Rakes Loader Rakes Material Handling Arms
Mulchers Multi Processors Plate Compactors
Power Box Rakes Pulverizers Quick Coupler
Rippers Shears Skid Steer Loader Backhoe
Snow Plows Snow Pushers Stump Grinders
Thumbs Landscape Tillers Trenchers
Vibratory Plate Compactors Vibratory Drum Compactors Wheel Saws

Tilt Rotate Systems


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Caterpillar Work Tool Product Line



Preferred Work Tool Vendor List


  • CCE work tools (Mini-HEX, SSL, MTL/CTL’s)
    • Paladin Brands
    • Erskine Attachments
    • MC Faulkner
    • Craig Manufacturing (tilt buckets)
    • ATI (level best)
    • Blue Diamond
    • Amulet
    • Werk Brau
  • Backhoe Loader Attachments
    • Woods Equipment (Specifically Wain Roy)
    • Craig Manufacturing
    • Rockland Manufacturing
  • Wheel Loader/Dozer/Excavator Attachments (Specifically buckets/couplers/thumbs, and specialty HEX attachments)
    • Rockland Manufacturing
    • Craig Manufacturing
  • Excavator/wheel loader demolition attachments/specialty attachments related to the waste and demolition industry
    • Jewell Attachments
    • Bateman Manufacturing
    • NYE Manufacturing
    • AMI Attachments
    • SAS forks
    • Pemberton
  • Excavator Long Reach Fronts
    • Peirce Pacific Manufacturing
    • EIK
  • Trailers
    • Towmaster
  • Winches
    • Allied Winch
    • Pacar
  • Tilt/Rotate Couplers for WHEX/HEX machines
    • Helac
    • Rototilt
  • Haul Truck Tailgates/Dump bodies
    • Philippi-Hagenbuck Inc.
  • Forestry Attachments
    • Rotobec
    • Pro Pac
    • Quadco
    • Fecon
    • Dymax
    • Watatah
  • Snow Attachments
    • Craig Manufacturing
    • HLA
    • Artic (Sectional pushers)
    • Protech
    • Snow Wolf
  • Paving
    • Carlson
  • Hydraulic Kits
    • HKX
    • Hydraulic Circuit Technology

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