Tilt Rotate Systems

CAT Tilt Rotate Systems are an industry-first with fully integrated superior technology into your Next Generation 306 CR, 307.5, 308, 308.5, 309 or 310 Mini Hydraulic Excavator.  Tiltrotators will help you get the job done faster with the quality you expect from Caterpillar.  Tilt and rotate to reach at any angle without the need to reposition your machine.  Tiltrotators are productive, easy-to-use, and provide a versatile solution to your operation.

Used On:
  • Mini Hydraulic Excavators


  • Road Work and Railroads - Building angled dikes, trenches and drainage.  Manipulating beams and poles or special tools for railroad repair.
  • Earthmoving or General Construction - Grading, digging, trenching and pipe positioning, digging under square pipes, restoration or backfilling, landscape, foundation work, digging in corners.
  • Maintenance - Sweeping, tree felling, pick and sort material.
  • When compared to others, installation is also an industry-first with 100% integration in as little as 3 to 4 hours.
  • Both the left and righthand joysticks control all machine and tiltrotator functionalities.
  • Joysticks and display monitor work together.
  • A single grease point provides grease to all joints requiring lubrication.
  • Compatible with most grade control systems.
  • 360 degrees of continuous rotation and tilt up to 40 degrees left or right.
  • From bucket to grapple from digging into front shovel mode.
  • Capability to run hydro-mechanical tools, such as hammers, augers, cold planers, etc.
  • Available with or without grapple.
  • Fully integrated software.
  • Automatically spread material evenly and quickly with the Bucket Shake function.
  • Return the tiltrotator to a user-defined position with the press of a button using the Home function.
  • Triangular movement control lets you tilt, rotate and use auxilliary hydraulics.
  • Reliable locking control system provides audible signals and visual in-cab indicators to confirm the bottom coupler is engaged.
  • Optional positioning software informs operator of attachment's postion by standard equipped monitoring sensors.

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