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Backup Power – No Ifs or Buts.

Do you need to be 100% sure that you’ll have power even if your utility fails? That’s what we are here for. When it comes to turnkey, fixed units for standby or backup power, Milton CAT is the most reliable, dependable source.

Wherever Failure Is Not An Option.

Since 1992, Milton CAT has been Caterpillar’s “Lead Dealer” for nuclear applications in the entire USA. That says it all – if we are trusted to perform in such an unforgiving application, you can be sure we have been tested and proven. It’s not surprising that you’ll also find our backup power generation units at data centers, hospitals, nursing homes, bio-pharma facilities, office buildings, commercial and industrial complexes, and educational institutions. Retail operations, gasline compression stations, and farms also rely on us. It makes sense. Across the entire Northeast, facility managers, engineering consultants, electrical contractors, developers and property owners choose our backup or emergency generators. 

Benefits of Milton CAT Backup Power

  • We carry the entire CAT line of power generation equipment and ancillaries, including switchgear, transfer switches and UPS.
  • Choose from portable, 40kW generators to 4,000kW units with utility-grade switchgear.
  • You’ll get a project manager focused on your account.
  • Your own Product Support Consultant (PSC) will be dedicated to helping you after installation.
  • A Customer Service Agreement (CSA) will be developed to fit your application. 
  • Our in-house expertise in the field of power generation and our knowledge of emissions regulations are unparalleled in the industry. 

Inventory of Caterpillar Standby Power Products

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