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Because service is the key to your uptime – and therefore, to productivity and to profitability as well. So making sure that your dealer’s service philosophy – and its implementation – are in synch with your demands is likely to be your number one concern.

It's A Fact

Many of our power generation customers are in mission-critical markets where downtime is not an option, so at Milton CAT we understand the importance of the service function. When we build and staff our facilities, when we choose the tools and the equipment to set up the service bays and when we make decisions regarding field service or parts inventories, we put a lot of thought into doing what it takes so we can offer our customers the best service in the industry. And we don’t just stay there; we continuously review and update our practices to make sure we can support the uptime of your generators, whether they are standby or prime.

The ingredients:

  • Factory-trained technicians
  • State-of-the-art bays, tools and equipment
  • Open communications with manufacturers’ experts
  • Access to extensive online libraries
  • A wide range of customized service plans
  • Unsurpassed parts availability
  • Your own Product Support Consultant (PSC)
  • Free technical call line

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