Landscape Rakes

Our landscape rakes are designed to pulverize, aerate, level and condition soil.  All while collecting and removing rock and debris, leaving an excellent surface for seeding and decorative work.

Used On:
  • Compact Track Loader
  • Compact Wheel Loader
  • Multi Terrain Loader
  • Skid Steer Loader


Simple Service
  • Bolt-on conveyer tubes allows for simple replacement and service.
Quick Dumping
  • Once the hopper fills, simply reverse the hydraulic flow and dump all unwanted material.
Integrated Step
  • Built-in step makes it easier to safely enter and exit the machine.  Metal grating helps improve grip in wet weather.  On models with skid steer loader coupler interface only.
Top-Notch Teeth
  • Rake teeth are composed of a high strength carbon steel, hardened for maximum strength and durability for the toughest soil conditions.
Greater Durability
  • Chain reduction drive system features #80H roller chain for added strength and durability.

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