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Increasingly tighter legislation, a fragmented regulatory environment and the high cost of non-compliance explain the urgency of the emissions challenge; potential damage to your company’s image may bring yet another layer of concern. As you search for the right answers, you can count on the expertise and the resources of your Milton CAT team.

Regarding Emissions

As an equipment, generator or engine owner, there are certain crucial aspects of this increasingly relevant subject; they include, how can you stay in compliance? How can you plan your future? And, how can Milton CAT help you? Let's talk.

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Non-compliance is expensive, both in terms of potential shutdowns and fines, and also from a public relations standpoint. It doesn’t matter how unique and challenging your emissions-centered concern is, at which stage of your process you might be, or which brand of generator you’re using. We have the expertise and the resources to help you understand, research, develop and install the right solution.


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