Loader Rakes

CAT Loader Rakes are designed for grubbing, piling, and loading trucks and grinders in the General Construction and Forestry industries.

Used On:
  • Hydraulic Excavators


Designed for digging
  • Rakes for excavators offer a curved profile for optimal diging and sifting action of debris such as rocks and roots, making them perfect for removing roots during site preparation.
Built to last
  • Tines are built from high strength ASTM A-514 (T1) steel to withstand extreme wear.  The 2-inch thick lower tines are equipped with replaceable K90 GET adapters.  Spike tips provide maximum penetration and stay sharp for enhanced wear life.
Do more with your equipment
  • CAT Loader Rakes are compatible with the CAT Pin Grabber coupler and designed to work with CAT Thumbs to expand your light material handling capabilities.

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