CAT trenchers were engineered for cutting narrow straight trenches in soil prior to laying electrical, telephone and cable lines, or water and gas pipe.  Our anti-backflex chain improves attachment durability in all soil types and our grease ram makes it easy to adjust chain tension.

Used On:
  • Compact Track Loader
  • Compact Wheel Loader
  • Multi Terrain Loader
  • Skid Steer Loader


Better Control
  • Formed skid shoe acts as a pivot point and maintains proper spoil auger orientation.
Direct Drive
  • Direct drive system features a variable speed, bi-directional, gerotor style motor that delivers optimal chain speed, chain pull and torque for maximum trenching performance in a broad range of soil types.
Hardened Teeth
  • Hard-faced, tungsten carbide steel cupped teeth offer a long life in many soil conditions and are spaced for optimum digging performance.
Cleaner Trenching
  • Optional bolt-on crumber bar with shoe improves soil removal from trenches.  A range of shoe sizes is available to accommodate trench widths.
More Maneuverability
  • Hydraulic or manual side-shift on the T6B and T9B models provides close trenching flexibility near structures or obstructions.  Hydraulic side-shift on the T15B is controlled from the cab.
Chain Choices
  • Optional chain types and cutting widths are available for specific soils, digging requirements and trench widths.


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