P65 Paver

You can rely on the Weiler P65 to tackle your toughest paving applications with precision. The screed delivers outstanding mat quality and a standard paving range of 7’ 8” (2.3 m) to 13’ (3.35m). The gravity fed 6-ton (5.4 mt) hopper features a hydraulically raised floor and wings with two independently operated hydraulic cut-off doors for exceptional material management.
A CAT C2.2 Tier 4 engine provides 49 hp (36kW) and powers a 2-speed hydrostatic drive with 180 fpm (55 m/min) max paving speed and 300 fpm (91 m/min) max transport speed. The undercarriage features 55” (1397 mm) track length with 39” (990 mm) of ground contact, 12” (305 mm) steel track pads, a sprocket driven 125 mm track chain pitch and automatic track tensioning.
Operating your machine is simple with dual side operation with manual ground drive controls, independent augers with reverse and color LCD displaying machine conditions and diagnostics. Remote grease lines, spray down system with 7 gal (26 L) tank and coiled hoses, large engine access door and Milton CAT’s support make maintenance quick and easy.

Optional Features

  • LED strobe light
  • Work lights
  • Heated end gates
  • Sonic controlled augers
  • Spray down tank

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P195 Paver

The Weiler P195 is engineered and built with versatility in mind. Weiler incorporated proven designs with new innovations to provide performance, reliability and outstanding mat quality in a wide range of applications. All controls are located on a single panel within easy reach of the operator. The sliding control console enhances operator ease of use and visibility to either side of the machine.
The screed yields outstanding mat quality and a wide paving range. The 3’ 10” (1.16 m) front mount screed is hydraulically extendable to 7’ (2.13 m) and 9’ (2.74 m) with bolt-on extensions.  80” (2032 mm) track length with 64” (1625 mm) of ground contact and 125 mm track chain pitch provides smooth ride and excellent flotation. Automatic track tensioning ensures performance and maximizes component life. The 46” (1.16 m) track width and 3’ 10” (1.16 m) screed allows the P195 to fit within a 4’ (1.2 m) cut for a true 4’ (1.2 m) paving width. The hopper folds up for an overall machine width of 4’ 7” (1397 mm) for simple transport and access to tight working environments.
Remote grease lines, spray down system with 5 gal (19 L) tank and coiled hoses, three engine access doors and Milton CAT’s support makes service quick and keeps your machine up and running with limited down time.

Optional Features:

  • LED strobe light
  • Hand held remote
  • Auto grade and slope controls
  • LED work lights

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P265 Paver

Milton CAT recognizes that your workday is filled with a variety paving challenges and you need equipment that can keep up with the busy schedule. The Weiler P265 is durable and will complete each and every job with precision.
The screed mounted upper and lower 9” (228mm) augers and independent control of each side of the delivery system provides precise material control for variable width paving. Flow gate style cut-off doors and reversible augers and conveyors limit spillage between passes. Highway class chains, conveyor and auger bearings and direct-drive conveyor head shaft provide long-term reliability. The life of your paver is maximized by replaceable components.
Mechanical controls provide simple and reliable operation. Push button keypads for feeder system and cable operated ground drive controls allow operation from either side of the machine. The 3,000 lb. (1,360 kg) screed delivers outstanding mat quality and a 7’ 8” (2.3 m) to 14’ 4” (4.4 m) paving range. Weiler’s patented end gate design allows quick adjustments for extension height and joint matching. The best-in-class 70” (1778mm) track length undercarriage is powered through a 2-speed hydrostatic drive by the Cat® C3.4B Tier 4 engine with 74 hp (55kW).
Servicing your paver is simple thanks to remote grease lines, five engine access doors and the spray down system with four coiled hoses located on each corner of the paver. And as always, Milton CAT’s knowledgeable support team is ready answer your questions and help you keep your machine up and running with limited machine down time.

Optional Features:

  • 14" (356 mm) poly track pads
  • LED strobe light
  • Work lights (4)
  • Premium LED lights (8)
  • Sonic controlled augers
  • Heated end gates

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P385B Paver

If you are a commercial paving contractor, the balanced design of the Weiler P385B offers you versatility and durability, and its CAT C3.4 Tier 4 engine with 100hp delivers quiet power to your 19,500lb. paver. Independent control of the left and right side feeder system enables you to perform variable width paving.

The Weiler-designed electric screed heat is hydraulically extendable from 8' to 15' 8" and features sonic feed sensors, angle of attack, height and crown adjustments.

The Weiler P385B features a best-in-class undercarriage with 68" of ground contact. 140mm chain pitch and 14" poly track pads ensure long-term performance.

Your operator enjoys excellent visibility and control, with three different operation positions, dual operating stations and an intelligent wheel system.

Optional Features:

  • Hydraulically Adjustable Push Rollers

  • Additional Operator's Seat

  • Walkway Extensions

  • Joy Stick Steering Control

  • LED Strobe Light

  • Premium LED Work Lights

  • Hand Held Remote

  • Screed Mounted Control Panels

  • TOPCON-32 Grade and Slope Controls

  • MOBA-MATIC II Grade and Slope Controls

  • Heated End Gates

  • Electric Screed Extension Height Adjustment

  • Power Hydraulic Slope

  • Hydraulic Power Crown

  • Cut-Off Shoe

  • 12", 18", and 24" Berm Attachment

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