The Readiness Factor

How do you measure uptime? And how do you know how downtime affects your operation and your bottom line? You know the impact it has on your competitiveness and on your reputation.  So you want to know that you have a resource that’s ready to handle all your service and repair challenges, expertly and efficiently.

Service And Repair

It takes very sophisticated tools and equipment, not to mention specialized training, to repair the latest models. And it takes a lot of experience, support, dedication and access to the right parts to repair an old machine. At Milton CAT, all that’s a moot point, anyway. We’re ready to get you ready. No matter how old or new your machine might be. And actually, no matter what brand it might be.


Step-by-step maintenance and service of your CAT Skid Steer.  Everything you need to know in order to get the best performance from your new machine - while assuring operator safety.


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