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Fluid Analysis - SOS Services

SOS Fluid Sampling and Analysis

Milton CAT’s SOS Fluid Sampling and Analysis Services provides a window into your equipment’s health!   Through trend analysis, we can detect potential problems long before they materialize. 
We provide efficient and innovative ways for you to obtain your results as soon as samples are processed.   Our trained personnel will provide:

  • Accurate analysis using a series of tests developed by Caterpillar!  

  • Perform quick turn-around … usually in 24 hours or less after arrival to the lab. 

  • Provide a knowledgeable interpretation along with easy-to-understand recommendations should attention be required.  

Interested in knowing more and/or have questions?  Call us directly at 508-482-5700 or e-mail oil_analysis@miltoncat.com

Useful Links

  • Access or create an account at my.cat.com and go to Fluid Analysis to review results and recommendations.   My.CAT.com l Sign In   

  • Explanations and Sources of Increased Readings.   Click Here

  • Understanding Your Results: Oil, Coolant & Fuel.  Click Here

Useful Videos

  • Oil Sampling via Dipstick with Vacuum Pump.

  • Fluid Sampling via Live Sample.

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