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Product Support Consultants (PSC)

There are several ways for you to maintain your equipment at an optimum level of performance. One of the most important? Take full advantage of the resources that Milton CAT has dedicated to supporting you. The Milton CAT Product Support Consultant (PSC) is a perfect example. 

A key member of your team, your PSC’s job is helping you, or the person in your company who’s in charge of maintenance, to make sure your equipment runs as profitably for you as possible. A Milton CAT PSC acts as your personal, professional equipment maintenance consultant, looking at your engines, equipment and jobsites with a fresh but educated eye. Your PSC becomes your full-time link to all the services and resources of Milton CAT, as well as your direct connection to Caterpillar and to our other equipment and machinery manufacturers.

The range of responsibilities that a PSC can handle for you depends on you. It can be just focused on a specific task such as measuring an undercarriage or helping to select the most appropriate replacement parts for a machine, or, it can expand to your PSC taking the role of a virtual fleet co-manager, advising you in matters of machine performance enhancement.

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