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A unique program offered by Milton CAT, this is an option that allows you to keep that trusted older machine up and running, without spending excessively on parts. Because the right part for your 20+ year old machine, CAT or any other brand, doesn’t have to be a new part, but it needs to be a part that fits and works. So you’re out there making money with your machine, as soon as possible. We offer:


That’s the #1 concern! Yes, we carry a very large inventory of used parts for CAT and other brands, both earthmoving equipment as well as generators. We also have immediate access to other sources that complement our own stock. So you don’t need to waste time chasing. One call does it all.


You can choose between remanufactured, reconditioned, new aftermarket parts for non-CAT equipment, as well as CAT surplus – new parts that CAT has withdrawn from their regular inventory.


This is where you can really notice the difference. And it’s big. Because you’ll be paying for what you need – a good part for a good machine.

We also offer rebuilt cabs, and used buckets, sticks, final drives, cylinders, mufflers and pipes.

Your time is valuable, and your business, much appreciated. Thanks for visiting our website. You can count on us for realistic answers to your equipment needs, state-of-the-art technology, experienced application specialists, flexible acquisition options and customized financing. We look forward to answering your questions.

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