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When it comes to meeting your needs for parts for your forestry equipment and work tools, we have you covered – any part, any brand, any model, any year. Every step of the parts ordering process has been streamlined to ensure maximum efficiency. You can choose to contact the Forestry Parts Specialists by phone, fax, e-mail or in person, and you can count on the help of a dedicated and trained parts staff. They can also advise you regarding cost-effective alternatives such as used, remanufactured and classic parts, as well as parts for brands other than CAT.

When downtime is not part of your plan, it’s time to contact the Milton CAT Forestry Parts Specialists. You can count on:

  • Unparalleled parts availability 
  • Convenient pickup and delivery options 
  • Expert advice 
  • Competitive pricing

Forestry Parts Products

Rotobec Grapples  EnviroSys Automatic Bar and Chain System  Log Max

Pro Pac  QUADCO  CAT, Prentice, TimberKing, Fabtek Blount

Pedno  Gator Teeth  Olofsfors

Rotobec Grapples

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Count on us for your Rotobec grapples and spare parts.

You choose Rotobec grapples because you know that you can count on top product quality, and you know that you can count on us to have the Rotobec grapple you need, when you need it.  Keep in mind that we can also help you keep it at 100% performance.

4642-RT222 Rotator


We carry a complete stock of Rotobec parts


RPA 4570R with RCH 404 Saw Bundle



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The EnviroSys system reduces operating costs by increasing part lifespan, minimizing shutdowns and enhancing worker safety.  It will also completely eliminate pollution due to chain oil discharge into the environment.  Field-tested by the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada, the EnviroSys system proved to be reliable and resistant, and to deliver dramatic results.



Log Max

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You know that Milton CAT’s the place to call for a full range of Log Max harvesting heads, thinning heads, heads for heavy and branchy trunks, heads for optimal delimbing from the lowest part of the trunk to the top…And you know that Milton CAT’s the place to call for LogMax parts to keep your operation going without interruption. See below.



Roller Motor




Chain Catcher


Hub Companion


Saw Cylinder


Saw Motor


Cylinder Seal Kits


Heavy Duty Encoder


Pro Pac

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Since 1985, PRO PAC means quality forestry attachments; robust, simple and designed to work hard and long for you. It’s not surprising that Milton CAT carries PRO PAC – and it’s not surprising that we also carry the parts that allow you to maintain your uptime record. Take a look.


Relief Cartridge


Trolley Wheels


G-4 Trolley


Trolley Cable


Saw Motor


Factory Spec Boom Hose 38 ft.


OE Boom Chain 120





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Milton CAT carries Quadco forestry equipment because we know how our customers appreciate that manufacture’s vision, quality and commitment. And we’re ready to support you with unsurpassed availability of Quadco parts, including saw motors, disk bolts, beaver and concave teeth, holder sleeves and tooth holders. Here are some examples.



Saw Motor


Accumulator Arm Bands


Saw Disk Bolts


2 3/8 in. Beaver Tooth


2 5/16 in. Beaver Tooth


2 in. Beaver Tooth


Holder Sleeve


Concave Teeth


Tooth Holder



CAT, Prentice, TimberKing, FABTEK Blount


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Head Rotate Motor




Hydraulic Filter


Bore Seals


Radiator and Oil Cooler Assembly


Seal Kit 40MM Rod


Encoder and Spring





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For traction and protection, many of our forestry customers turn to PEDNO, and it makes a lot of sense. The Canadian company’s traction and protection products are designed to withstand the harshest climates and the roughest terrains; they are heat-treated after assembly to increase their wear resistance and prevent cracking due to steel stresses during assembly. Our forestry customers also know that when it comes to PEDNO product and part availability, nobody can beat Milton CAT. Please check these out.

Pedno Skidder Chains

SAG Super A Grip



SG Super Grip



DLA F Double Diamond Super A False



DS F Double Diamond Special False




Gator Teeth

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Designed to fit a wide range of saws, including Tigercat, Waratah, Timberjack, John Deere, and Koehring, Gator Teeth® last significantly longer and cut significantly better than competitive teeth. The secret of their long life is due to 8 extra cutting tips for a total of 12 tips per tooth sharing the work of cutting, thereby keeping their cutting edges sharp longer. And when you need Gator Teeth® and you need them ASAP, you know that the team at Milton CAT Forestry Parts will help you out, ASAP. Here are some examples.


Gator Teeth G24K


Gator Teeth G23NS


Gator Teeth G20S



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As their website says – where the road ends, ECO-TRACKS from OLOSFORS take over. It’s true; these are the tracks for those who need to go where nobody else goes. And the forestry parts team at Milton CAT stands behind you, with unmatched product availability. See below.



Olofsfors Forwarder Tracks


Olofsfors ECO-Track*

*The standard ECO-track model is the most popular track for all-round traction and flotation, and is also one of the most environmentally friendly of all track offerings.  The 26 mm linkage system is for heavier forestry machines, very agressive soil conditions and demanding applications.

Your time is valuable, and your business, much appreciated. Thanks for visiting our website. You can count on us for realistic answers to your equipment needs, state-of-the-art technology, experienced application specialists, flexible acquisition options and customized financing. We look forward to answering your questions.

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