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Undercarriage For All Makes & Models

As much as you may want to keep it going a bit longer, you know that a worn-out undercarriage is a no-go. But thanks to Milton CAT’s wide range of options and choices and competitive pricing policy, you’ll be able to repair that dozer or excavator or compact track loader and get it going again.


Whether your machine is CAT or non-CAT. Whether you need rubber or steel tracks. It doesn’t matter. You’ll do better at Milton CAT than at any other place. We also have flat-proof tires; sprockets, rollers and idlers and rubber pads for steel tracks and roadliners.

  • One call gives you access to a complete inventory, unique availability and delivery options.
  • We carry undercarriage and parts for old and new, CAT and non-CAT loaders, excavators and dozers.
  • You can choose rubber or steel, new or used.
  • Our tracks and undercarriage parts are priced to sell.
  • You can count on high quality – because your undercarriage shouldn’t be the weakest link in your performance chain!



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