If you’re looking to rent power equipment, your reasons probably range from having to handle an emergency, to planning a shutdown or even, taking advantage of an unexpected market opportunity, and your concerns will probably include availability, price, support and quality. What’s the next step?

Check our rental product offerings, and talk to one of our specialized representatives to get the answers you need in order to make a decision. Our rental portfolio includes:

Portable generators from 20kW to 2,000kW with utility-grade switchgear.

Our sets come self-contained, with trailer or skid-mounted fuel tank bases. All our power generating equipment is EPA-certified, and we offer quiet, sound-attenuated XQ models. Keep in mind, when you rent from Milton CAT, availability is never a problem. You can choose gas or Diesel-powered generators, and we have our own line of environmentally friendly power generators, GreEner, which allows you to prove your serious commitment to protecting the environment.

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XQ350 Tier 4


XQ500 Tier 4




XQ2000 Tier 2 Flex


Power distribution. 

To meet your power generation needs, you may want to look at renting our UPS or Uninterruptable Power Supply; Generator Connection Boxes; and Paralleling Switchgear. Our 100 Amp to 3,000 Amp ATSs or Automatic Transfer Switches give you a safe way to distribute power; 60 to 1,200 amp Distribution Panels or Boxes provide easy-to-access outlets. 

Power ancillaries.

You’ll find at Milton CAT portable resistive load banks ranging in size from 10kW to 700kW; power cables; cable ramps; transformers – from 50kVA to 5,000kVa – and for total peace of mind, generator docking stations, so when it’s time to put your rental generator to work, you can count on it being ready to go. To be well prepared to handle a long-term emergency, many customers want to rent a fuel tank, too. For your convenience, we carry 500, 1,000 and 1,850-gallon propane tanks, and 560 and 2,500 gallon Diesel fuel tanks.

Sullair portable air compressors.

Choose instrument-quality, high-pressure or electric air compressors. 185 CFM to 1,600 CFM, Diesel or electric high-pressure units, as well as dryers, air hoses and all the accessories you need.

185 CFM

375 CFM

375 Family

750 CFM - 900 CFM

900 CFM Electric

900 CFM - 1150 CFM

1300 CFM

1600 CFM

300 CFM - 1600 CFM

Tier IV Interim


Light towers.

For a safe, productive work environment, you can rent with total confidence from our complete inventory of Diesel and electric mobile light towers.

Temperature control units, including chillers, industrial portable heaters and AC units.

Our air conditioner units include 1 and 5-ton models; 12-ton models; 20-ton entertainment units; 30-ton with an optional heater attachment, and 80-ton units. Our heaters have a range of discharge from 85º to 600º. You can choose thermostatically controlled natural gas or propane units, 300,00 to 4M BTU, and electric units from 40kW to 150kW. Milton CAT chillers come with water hoses, reducers, and elbows.

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30 Ton Air Cooled Chiller

50 Ton Air Cooled Chiller

100 Ton Air Cooled Chiller

200 Ton Air Cooled Chiller


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12 Ton Air Conditioner

30 Ton Air Conditioner

80 Ton Air Conditioner


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