Pulverizers for CAT excavators are highly effective work tools for processing concrete in a single step.

Used On:
  • Excavators


High Production & Performance
  • CAT Pulverizers feature wide jaws with pick-up tips, large opening, reversible cutting edges and fast closing times.  The straight, non-rotating design is lighter than a rotating tool; producing higher force per unit weight than other demolition tools.
Easily Maintained, Long Service Life
  • Teeth and blades are replaceable.  Teeth can be replaced individually - according to wear.
  • Hydraulics are easily accessible through bolted hatches.
  • Knives, teeth and shims are common with those used in the CAT multi-processor.  This simplifies parts stocking.
  • CAT Work Tool attachments are designed to last.  Parts are machined and forged, wear protection and stress relief plates are the norm, hydraulic cylinder is fully protected - all for a long lifetime of low-cost production.
Optimized Stability & Productivity
  • CAT Pulverizers are designed for CAT machines - taking full advantage of the hydraulic flows and pressures to enhance productivity without compromising safety or causing premature wear of the attachment or the carrier.

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