Quick Coupler

Save time

Using excavators effectively means using the right tool for the job.  The CAT Quick Coupler makes it possible to simply release one work tool and pick up the next in a matter of seconds.  The Quick Coupler is available for excavators from 1.5 up to 90 ton.

Superior design

The Quick Coupler is designed to maintain break out force.  A wedge-style locking system that fits the coupler right to the tool hinges without any play.  The Quick Coupler is highly suitable in harsh applications such as demolition and in quarries.  A lifting hook is standard.

Compliant to safety standards

The Quick Coupler complies with all applicable global safety standards.  It is standard equipped with springs to hold the wedge in the locked position.  The springs ensure that the Quick Coupler retains the work tool, even in the event of a hydraulic failure.

Ease of installation

The Quick Coupler fits directly to your machine and is controlled by Quick Coupler actuation circuit.  Combined with tool control operators can make fast tool changes.

Right tool for the job

With the near instant tool exchange, operators will be encouraged to use the right tool for the job.  Every time.  The tools last longer, improving return on your investment.

Used On: ​Excavators 301-390

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