Cold Planers

CAT Cold Planers are designed for small paving jobs in residential and commercial applications and are primarily used to economically restore asphalt and concrete surfaces.  They are ideal for milling imprefections prior to resurfacing, removing deteriorated pavement, removing traffic lane stripes and jobs where the use of dedicated planers is limited.

Used On:
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Multi Terrain Loaders
  • Compact Track Loaders
  • Compact Wheel Loaders


Self-Leveling Design
  • Selv-leveling design automatically levels itself when placed on the ground for consistent depth control without ooperator adjustment and excellent spoil retention.
Two Wear Resistant Skid Plates
  • Two wear resistant skid plates remain parallel to the ground for optimum stability.
Hydraulic Side-Shift
  • Hydraulic side-shift permits close planing to curbs, walls and other obstructions.
Independent Left/Right Depth Control
  • Independent left/right depth control allows maximum drum depths to be adjusted independently on each skid.  The gauges are easily viewable from the cab.
Max Pro Pressure Gauge
  • Max Pro Pressure Gauge provides operator feedback to adjust speed for maximum productivity when changing material loads.  Gauge displays planer performance in real-time conditions and is visible from the cab.  Standard on XHP models.
Float, Spring Tilt and Hydraulic Tilt
  • Float enables planers to follow the contour of the surface.  Float is activated by a knob and is only available on high flow and XHP planers.  Spring tilt and hydraulic tilt enable planers to oscillate for angled cuts.  Tilt is hydraulically controlled on high flow models and spring controlled on standard flow planers.
Direct Drive System
  • Direct drive system on the standard flow models features a variable speed, uni-directional, gerotor style hydraulic motor.  Direct drive system on high flow and XHP models features a hydraulic radial piston motor to ensure maximum cutting rate and drum torque for optimal production performance and efficiency.


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