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Service Answer Helpline

7am - 5pm

Did you know that we have been offering this service since 2011? It’s totally free, and allows you or your employees to get answers to problems that may have been causing delays and even downtime.

Our call-line technicians get between 30 and 50 calls a day. Callers come from companies of all sizes; the most common calls are regarding control systems; specification questions, and electrical problems. When they call the Service Answer Helpline, callers are asked to leave a message with a summary of their problem, and the model and serial number of the machine or engine. Given a chance to listen to the caller’s message, our experts have time to do some homework, and when they call back, usually within 60 minutes, they are prepared.

With a few exceptions, the Milton CAT free Service Answer Helpline staff can handle all questions. If your call is regarding material processing, your call will be routed to an expert; electric power and generator questions are referred to the nearest power systems location.

Approximately 60% of the issues can be rectified with the phone call back to the customer. Other options may include training an operator, dispatching a field service technician or a Product Service Consultant or PSC.

When you run into a problem you can’t fix or a question that needs an answer, call the Service Answer Helpline at:


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