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Job Site Solutions

Job Site Solutions™ is a fleet management concept pioneered and implemented jointly by Caterpillar and Milton CAT.

Job Site Solutions recognizes and supports the view that equipment is a means to an end; it’s about making a profit through the application of iron and it requires the right team to implement it successfully. And Job Site Solutions is appropriate for some specific applications where equipment is domiciled, as is the case with quarries, mining, farms and wood mills. Milton CAT has the financial power to buy, rebuild and sell entire fleets, and we team up with Caterpillar, a manufacturer with the experience, the technology and the resources to back up the Job Site Solutions initiative at all levels.

Milton CAT Job Site Solutions customers pay a fixed monthly fee that covers equipment usage, maintenance and management services. In many cases, we buy the customer’s existing fleet. When the new fleet is delivered, CAT and Milton CAT personnel train the customer’s staff on safe, efficient and proper operation.

There’s another essential element of the program – coaching. Management and supervisors need support to learn how to run the operation under the new parameters, since Job Site Solutions is more than a service plan or an equipment acquisition option – it’s a business concept. The consulting aspect provided by our team’s dedicated experts is a key component that customers appreciate and on which they rely.

Last but not least, financial and operational metrics, time parameters and end-of-term options are presented to the customer; those can include Purchase, Continuation, or Walk-Away.

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