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Onboard Oil Change System

The QuickFit Oil Change System

You can service your Milton CAT equipment more efficiently than ever with the QuickFit Oil Change System. Manufactured by RPM Industries, the QuickFit oil change system makes servicing Caterpillar equipment faster, safer and cleaner than ever.

The product consists of a fitting mounted next to the oil filter in your CAT machine, generator or engine; a hose that runs to the oil filter, and another hose that runs to the drain plug on the belly pan.

QuickFit is available as an option on all new Caterpillar equipment and engines, and as retrofit kits for your current CAT equipment and engines.

Please contact your Milton CAT representative for more information.

Benefits of a QuickFit Oil Change System

  • Cleaner - No oil spills during the oil change
  • Safer - Complete the entire service from one ground-level location
  • Faster - 10-minute oil change on almost all Caterpillar machines and engines


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