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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or cogeneration doesn’t need to prove itself any longer. Across the Milton CAT territory, the list of facilities with operating CHP systems continues to grow; it includes industrial manufacturers, data centers, commercial buildings and municipalities, and educational and residential institutions.

The Milton CAT CHP team has solid expertise with all the facets of this specialty; we can work with your in-house engineering staff, or team up with your outside consulting firm. In addition, our wide range of products allows you to choose exactly the sizes and components that fit your needs. Caterpillar power generation products and accessories are often already familiar to facility managers that may count on them for traditional emergency backup.

Tell Me Why

You may be interested to learn some of the reasons our CHP customers mention for choosing this option. A top one is financial benefits – more predictable energy bills and in some cases, lower bills as well; local and national incentives such as direct grants, tax incentives and low-interest loans; environmental benefits, since your Milton CAT cogeneration system uses the captured heat from electricity generation to produce steam for heating, and, your carbon footprint will be reduced; efficiency and of course, reliability, eliminating downtime during grid outages.

Over 200 megawatts of continuous gas energy power installed

Milton CAT and CHP

  • We offer complete CHP planning and engineering support, before, during and after installation.
  • We have the ability to work with other existing systems such as heating, water and electrical.
  • You get extensive emissions expertise.
  • Our field crew is flexible and responsive.
  • We keep in mind that a CHP generator is not just a backup generator; to be always available, it requires constant expert support.

Representative Client List




  • G3520C – 2050ekW -1800RPM at 480V
  • Hot Water Heat Recovery System – 8.39mmbtu/hr.
  • Custom Enclosed Package– Located Seven Floors up on Hospital Roof
  • Black Start Capable
  • Installed and commissioned in 2017
  • Qty.(2) G3516A – 800kW at 480V
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator(s)  – combined 5,600lb/hr at 15psi
  • Indoor units – designed to fit inside existing basement mechanical space
  • Black Start Capable
  • CG260-16 – 4000kW at 13,8kV
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator – 5740lb/hr. at 125psi
  • Indoor installation with sound attenuated enclosure for use inside hospital - mechanical room (2 stories underground)
  • Black Start Capable
  • Installed and commissioned in 2017
  • CG260-12 – 3000kW at 13,8kV
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator – 4917lb/hr. at 120psi
  • Indoor unit located in boiler room wing extension
  • Black Start Capable
  • Installed and commissioned in 2015
  • G3516A – 800ekW at 480V
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator – 2875lb/hr at 15psi
  • Packaged Unit – compact size - engineered to fit at loading dock
  • Black Start Capable
  • Installed and commissioned in 2015
CHP For Facilities

CHP For Healthcare Facilities


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