Multi Processors

Demolition needs to be done fast and efficiently.  CAT Multi Processors equip you to do just that.  Five sizes of Multi Processors give you the right size for your machine and job site.  CAT Multi Processors accept multiple interchangeable jaws for awide range of demolition tasks.  Faster cycle times get your jobs done quicker.  Greater power means taking on bigger jobs.  Quick jaw change gives you the right tool for the task at hand, without slowing you down.  All built on a durable, easy to maintain platform.

Used On:
  • Excavator 318-390
  • Wheeled Excavator M318-M324
  • Material Handler MH3022-MH3026


Speed and Power on Demand
  • You'll process more every shift.  Non-productive cycle time is reduced, and cutting speed and power are enhanced.  SpeedBooster intelligently switches between speed mode, power mode, and boost mode to match what you need exactly when you need it.
Swap and Go
  • The reality is, wear components have to be changed.  You'll get changes done faster, thanks to easy-to-change wear parts.  Pins and screws are all that's needed to replace individual wear components and get back to work.  No welding, no delay.
Built to Endure
  • Have the conficence to take on the toughest projects; your Multi Processor can take it.  Cylinder, motor, and hydraulic lines are shielded from damage and armored behind abrasion-resistant steel.
Easy Maintenance
  • Besides wear components, only daily greasing is required.  Grease points are easy to access from the ground with the Multi Processor still mounted on the machine.  Get right to work at the start of every shift.

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