CAT Scrap and Demolition Shears are designed to make you money.  An innovative, robust design and fast cycle times provide the production and reliability you need to be profitable.  CAT Shears are efficient and can handle everything from structural steel to mixed scrap.  CAT Shears are designed to get the job done.

Used On:
  • Hydraulic Excavators
  • Skid Steer Loaders


Optimized Stability and Productivity
  • CAT Shears are designed for CAT machines - taking full advantage of the hydraulic flows and pressures to enhance productivity without compromising safety or causing premature wear of the shear and carrier.
Cutting Edge Design
  • The four main blades (front and side) and cutter are fully reversible utilizing all four sides of the cutting blades for optimum owning and operating cost.
  • Clamping design includes bushings to keep bolts tight on front, side and cutter blades.  Bolt retention through bushings helps prevent breakage, loosening or missing parts, and damage to blade pocket areas.  Constant bolt torqueing process is eliminated.
360° Rotation
  • All CAT Shears are equipped with a rugged 360° rotation system specifically designed to withstand the forces excavators are capable of applying to the rotator area.  Recognize greater productivity with a rotating shear because of the speed and ease with which shear jaws can be placed into optimum cutting position.

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