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Some of the data sheets may be out of date.  Please contact Scott McGee or Chris Alexopoulos for updated material.

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If you are a power-engineering consultant, we want you to know that our team has the knowledge, the experience and the resources to become a valuable partner. As you plan, implement and operate your clients’ power systems, we can help you achieve increased efficiency, improved performance and reduced costs. We can streamline and reinforce your process by becoming your one source for top-of-the-line power generation products, ancillaries and accessories. And as you look at the future and consider new and advanced power generation options, we can be next to you, also, with the vision to assist you with the development of other alternatives and the capabilities to help you implement them as well.

Is your company looking for an engineering consultant?

If your company is looking for the power-engineering consultant that fits your needs, we can refer you to the sources that match your field and your application. We have years of successful experience working with top engineering consultant firms.


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