Caterpillar engines are used by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) across the board; from wood chippers to user-friendly and comfortable lawn mowers to demolition material grinders and band saws. Could we power your equipment, too?

It Takes A Team

Milton CAT design engineers work closely with our OEM customers to specify, develop and install the exact engine to fit their needs. Our OEM customers appreciate our team’s knowledge of the latest technologies, the fact that we have state-of-the-art software and equipment, as well as our proven dedication and commitment.

If you are an OEM, keep in mind that Milton CAT offers you:

  • Local, knowledgeable, dedicated employees that work directly with Caterpillar to properly size and custom package the right engine power for any project.  
  • Qualified sales and project management team members experienced in working with OEM customers.
  • An extensive fabrication and engine packaging facility.
  • Knowledge in all aspects of engine replacement, machine re-power, and emissions regulations.
  • A thorough network of Industrial Service Dealers (ISDs) to support a wide range of OEM equipment applications.


If you are an ISD Dealer, please click here.


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