Increasingly tighter legislation, a fragmented regulatory environment and the high cost of non-compliance explain the urgency of the emissions challenge; potential damage to your company’s image may bring yet another layer of concern. As you search for the right answers, you can count on the expertise and the resources of your Milton CAT team.

Not For Newcomers

With its changing technical and political hurdles, navigating the emissions compliance landscape requires a degree of specialized knowledge that doesn’t exist in most companies. Milton CAT has been in the power business for over fifty years. Our customers include some of the region’s largest hospitals, data centers and educational institutions, as well as well-known environmental engineering-consulting firms.

Staying ahead of emissions regulations so we can interpret them and help our customers find the right solution is our strength, and we have assembled and grown a team of experts that is unequaled in the region. They understand and support all brands of power generation equipment and can assist you at any stage of your emissions compliance project.

When it comes to emissions, only one thing is for sure – every situation is unique and requires its own answer. Continuously researching, developing and maintaining access to a multitude of viable, compliant solutions requires a serious strategic and financial commitment. An established, successful and growing business, Milton CAT is perfectly positioned to offer that kind of support.

Products and Services:

  • Active Diesel Particulate Filters
  • Oxidation Catalysts
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • Tier 4 Generators
  • Emissions Testing
  • Filter Cleaning

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Non-compliance is expensive, both in terms of potential shutdowns and fines, and also from a public relations standpoint. It doesn’t matter how unique and challenging your emissions-centered concern is, at which stage of your process you might be, or which brand of generator you’re using. We have the expertise and the resources to help you understand, research, develop and install the right solution.


When it comes to emissions, only one thing is for sure - every situation is unique.  This video gives you a good overview of how to handle the challenges of the fragmented and demanding emissions regulatory environment.

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