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Machine Evaluations

What is it – and why and when would you want to have it done? A professional machine evaluation is a comprehensive inspection of the entire machine. At Milton CAT, a machine evaluation is performed by two people, a certified technician and a Product Service Consultant or PSC and it includes a thorough inspection as well as an estimate on labor and parts.

A good time to get your machine evaluation done is before the construction season officially starts, so you make sure that the machines you’re counting on the most are ready to meet the challenge. Are machine evaluations just for the big guys? On the contrary!

If you are a small municipality or a contractor who owns two machines, you probably cannot afford to begin a season without knowing with certainty that your equipment is going to perform for you, or without having a firm appraisal to repair the machine you count on. Knowing what is involved financially will help you make the right decision.                                

The benefits of a thorough professional Milton CAT machine evaluation:

  • Allows you to budget correctly for maintenance, repairs and parts.
  • Gives you confidence that any machine that passes the evaluation is really going to perform for you during the next season.
  • Is a great decision-making tool when deciding whether to repair a machine or to budget for a new machine for next year.
  • Last but not least, provides great value as documentation at selling time.

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