After Hours

24-Hour Emergency Service

Milton CAT power generation customers are in environments where downtime is absolutely not an option. Of course, nuclear power backup is the first one that comes to mind; healthcare, financial and drug manufacturing are other examples. You chose Milton CAT because you know that we have the depth and breadth required to support you. We are set up to do just that, 24 hours a day. Every day.

Count on it.

When your generator needs to be up, no matter what, we’ll back you up, no matter when. That’s what our 24-hour Field Service means, and we stand by it. And you can count on our well-trained specialized technician being there, driving a fully-equipped service truck, with a laptop that allows quick communication with the office as well as with Caterpillar.

A closer look at our field technicians.

At Milton CAT, becoming a field technician is a position that requires a high degree of training, advanced skills and the ability to assess a situation and to make the right decision without any waste of time, it is considered a special job for special people. Our customers know that when they see that Milton CAT service truck driving into their parking lot, they can take a deep breath. It will be more than a handshake and a smile.


Milford, North Reading, Wareham 508-634-3400

Rhode Island

Cranston 508-634-3400

New Hampshire

Londonderry 603-665-4500


Richmond 802-434-4228


Scarborough 207-883-9586
Brewer 207-989-1890

New York

Clifton Park 518-877-8000
Syracuse 315-476-9981
Batavia 585-815-6200
Binghamton 607-772-6500

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