If your machine is down or your work tool is not working, words don’t matter. You want action. Milton CAT delivers. You can count on experts who analyze the toughest challenges to figure out what’s wrong and speed up the repair; trained technicians using the right tools and getting the right support; state-of-the-art evaluation and testing instrumentation; and experienced supervisors who are closely involved with the repair tasks and can provide assistance to the crew as needed.

Across our locations, Milton CAT service shops have been built and outfitted to efficiently handle the entire range of problems our customers encounter as part of their business. We have over 200 bays territory-wide, including ones specially-designed for trucks, buses and RVs. Our shops feature cylinder repair, undercarriage reconditioning, machining, welding and fabrication. And of course, our technicians have access to unsurpassed parts availability.

Your time is valuable, and your business, much appreciated. Thanks for visiting our website. You can count on us for realistic answers to your equipment needs, state-of-the-art technology, experienced application specialists, flexible acquisition options and customized financing. We look forward to answering your questions.

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