As an equipment owner, there are certain crucial aspects of this increasingly relevant subject; they include, how can you stay in compliance? How can you plan your future? And, how can Milton CAT help you?

These are some steps to take:

  • Keep in mind that the path to emissions reduction offers options, including aftertreatment or exhaust retrofits; upgrading old engines, and repowering.

  • Get a fleet audit, whether or not you are planning to participate in a state or a municipal bid. Milton CAT can tell you what you need to do to bring your fleet up to compliance.

  • Talk to your peers. There are many companies that have been through it already and may be willing to share their experiences and their advice.

  • Don’t forget the importance of active participation in your industry associations. As a united and well-informed group you can achieve a lot more, obtain funds, negotiate terms, and in general, find ways to coexist with regulations instead of being crushed by them.

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