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Service Agreements

Milton CAT is committed to supporting you as your needs evolve with service plans that match your goals and your budget. We have a wide range of maintenance and repair programs that can meet your requirements today and expand to accommodate you tomorrow as well.

Our plans are not off-the-shelf; we spend time understanding your operation, listening to your requirements and getting to know your fleet profile and your applications, so we can offer you the most appropriate level of service.

Milton CAT Preventive Maintenance Customer Service Agreements include:

Do It For Me and Total Maintenance & Repair Programs or TM&R

These are customized contracts covering all your maintenance and repair costs. These options give you several advantages, including maximum machine availability, expert service and higher resale value for your equipment.

The Total Maintenance and Repair Program (TM&R) is a particular type of Do It For Me Customer Service Agreement that guarantees your maintenance and repair costs for a designated period of time based on machine utilization hours.

Do It With Me

This is a Customer Service Agreement option in which the customer performs a portion of the service, and Milton CAT performs the balance. For example, in one popular Do It With Me option, the customer performs service every 250, 500 and 750 hours of machine use and Milton CAT performs service every 1,000 or 2,000 hours. Whether you own one CAT machine or an entire fleet, this partnership package means the right maintenance, right on schedule.

Do It Myself

Milton CAT can provide customers who have in-house service capability with the training, information and systems support needed for them to efficiently perform their own equipment maintenance and service.

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