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On-Highway Engine Parts & Service Specials

Parts Order System

SIS 2.0

  1. New Content Engine and Competitive Repower!!! 

Engine Extended Service Coverage Site:

What's New Under ESC
Oil Cooler Core is Covered under OPT when replaced at the time of the overhaul FAQ Release on OPT to assist with tampering and many other questions 
Quote Plus Tool:  

Extended Service Coverage Information Packages:

Caterpillar On-Highway Truck Engine 2022 Offers:

Overhaul Program 2022

Precious Metals Program 2022


 Turbo Program

Water Pump Program  
Injector Program

Stock Up Programs

Reman Long block Program Heavy Duty & Medium Duty Reman Engine Program:

NOTE:  For authorized Dealer Service Department:  Add the $1500.00 from overhaul Program total discount $3000.00.  Not valid over the counter! 
Technical Supplement Reman Engine Availabiity

PM Maintenance Kit Matrix

New On-Highway Truck Engine Repair Kits

Engine Tampering Guidelines

ECM Core Criteria:

TEPS Training Schedule 2022

Parts Administration Guidebook

Safe Source Catalog

The Million Miler Club

Send us your pictures and information for the 2023 Million Miler Calendar

Caterpillar Business Program Information

Cat Branding Identity Guidelines Cat Dealer Retail Fixtures

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