Snow Blowers

CAT Snow blowers are designed for removing snow from streets, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks, making them ideal for winter cleanup and maintenance applications.

Used On:
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Multi Terrain Loaders
  • Compact Track Loaders
  • Compact Wheel Loaders


Two-stage design uses auger and impeller
  • Two-stage design uses auger and impeller to move a greater capacity of snow quickly and efficiently.  Also, a reversible auger and impeller allows operator to expel obstructions without exiting the machine.
Exclusive in-line impeller
  • Exclusive in-line impeller draws in only as much snow as it can throw, providing the appropriate balance of speed and torque to maximize capacity and throwing distance.
Adjustable impeller relief valve
  • Fine tune performance for wet/heavy or light snow.
  • Maintains throwing distance during auger stall conditions.
Hydraulically controlled chute, auger, impeller and deflector
  • Chute, auger, impeller and deflector provide easy adjustment, long life and less maintenance.
Machine joysticks control chute and deflector
  • There are no additional wires or hardware to connect.  Complete control with plug-n-play simplicity.
180° chute rotation
  • Rotation permits snow discharge to front or sides of machine preventing snow blow back on operator.
Rugged snow releasing cab access steps
  • Wide steps with grating and large profile serrations provide better boot traction.
Non-binding rotating discharge chute
  • Non-binding rotating discharge chute utilizes non-metallic liner to prevent plugging and freeze ups.
Smooth chute design
  • Design eliminates ledges to prevent bridging and plugging.
  • Deep chute produces smoother, more controllable stream of snow.
Nickel-plated corrosion-resistant chute chain
  • Chute chain prevents chain rust that could negatively affect chain life and performance.
Bolt-on replaceable reversible cutting edge and large skid shoes
  • Bolt-on replaceable reversible cutting edge and large skid shoes extends snow blower work tool life.
Diverter manifold cover and wire sleeving
  • Diverter manifold cover and wire sleeving protect components from damage.

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