Flail Mowers

CAT Flail Mowers are designed for high performance cutting of vegetation, saplings, and undergrowth from overgrown agricultural areas, retention ponds, and forested terrain.  The hydraulic flail mowers reduce weeds, saplings, shrubs and small trees into mulched material, making them ideal for environmental maintenance applications, such as mowing along ditches, fence rows and retention ponds, controlling overgrowth, and cleaning up high banks and slopes.

Used On:
  • Mini Hydraulic Excavators


Piston motor
  • Piston motor provides excellent multi-function capability of machine platform.
Balanced drum with bolt-on staggered teeth
  • Mulching drum is weighted for maximum mulching performance and smooth operation.  Staggered tooth design allows for only one tooth to contact material at all times for efficient cutting performance.
Bolt-on replaceable skid shoes
  • Bolt-on reinforced skid shoes surround the frame and are built to last.  Easy replacement as needed.
Counter knife design on interior of frame
  • Counter knife design incorporates two hardened strips inside the frame to increase material refinement.
Integrated stand
  • Integrated stand eases access for attachment and removal of tool to machine.  Alows mower to sit flat for storage.
Integrated rear roller
  • Integrated roller keeps swinging teeth out of dirt as it rolls flat with the ground, helping extend tooth life and prevent excess wear.
Front chain guard protector
  • Front chain guard protector limits material thrown from tool and helps protect the swinging teeth and drum.


Model Machines
HMF110* 305E2 CR, 305.5E2 CR
HMF210* 308E2 CR
*Requires case drain kit and guarding on machine.  May require counterweight depending on machine configuration.

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