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CAT Rubber Tracks

Now’s the perfect time to save on general duty and heavy duty for compact track loaders, multi-terrain loaders, and mini-excavators!

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When It Is Time to Replace Your Rubber Tracks, Put Your Trust in CAT...
  • All CAT Rubber Track is constructed of high-quality materials and manufactured to ensure compatibility with other rubber track components that are on the CAT machine.
  • Product is backed by Caterpillar and Milton CAT. 

Two Options to Choose from:
  • General Duty as a lower cost alternative for machines operating in less harsh conditions.
  • Heavy Duty for those machines operating full-time in a harsh environment. Both Heavy Duty Bar and Heavy Duty Block are available.
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 How To Remove and Install CAT Rubber Track with special “Do It Yourself” CAT Track Bar Removal Tool (part number 592-0838)

The Advantages of Rubber Track
Rubber tracks have made their mark on the continuous track equipment industry. In the past 40 years, more and more rubber-tracked machines were put to work on heavy-duty job sites. The most significant benefit of rubber tracks is their versatility. They perform on many surfaces where steel tracked machines are not appropriate.
Here Are the Other Main Advantages of Tracks Made from Rubber:
  • Affordability: rubber tracks costs significantly less money than steel tracks.
  • Comfort: vibrations and shock transfer are much lower, improving operator comfort, impact and operate on surfaces you don’t want to damage, with less impact than steel.
  • Speed: rubber-tracked machines move faster than those with steel. When speed and mobility are required, outfit your equipment with rubber.
  • Maneuverability: rubber tracks are best in situations that require high maneuverability.
Make a Rubber Track Replacement Plan
If your rubber tracks are showing signs of wear, don’t be caught by surprise. Inspecting tracks regularly alert you to the signs - like missing chunks of track, cracks or excessive tread wear - that they need to be changed soon. This allows you to order new tracks in advance, replace them on your schedule and keep your machine on the job working profitably.
Control 70% of your Track Costs
You can’t do much about application and underfoot conditions, which make up 30% of rubber track costs. But for the other 70%, you can make a real difference.
From track tension and undercarriage care to turning methods and slope work, take a look at
maintenance practices and operating techniques that lead to savings.
A Proper Rubber Track Replacement Plan Pays Off
By following the undercarriage maintenance tips, you optimize your investment. Buy a spare set now, before failure. Follow maintenance tips below to prevent tracks from wearing out prematurely. If you do see signs of wear, order your replacements early, and keep machine downtime to a minimum.

CAT Compact Track Loader - Track Maintenance Adjustment
Top Track Maintenance Tips
Take care of your undercarriage, and it’ll take care of you - in the form of better performance, longer life and lower costs. Start with these three tips:
  • Check and adjust track tension regularly. Too loose and it causes lug damage and derailment; too tight and it increases wear on tracks, roller wheels, sprockets and drive motors.
  • Clean tracks daily to prevent unnecessary wear. Do it several times a day if you’re working in mud, sand, clay or gravel.
  • Run the machine in forward and reverse before shutting it down if you work in a cold climate. That helps reduce moisture build-up and prevent freeze-ups.
Every Rubber Track Tread Has a Job
  • Choose the right track for the job - some minimize ground disturbance; others are all about traction
  • Options that fit your ground conditions, expected hours of operation and budget - including general duty, premium and specialty tracks
  • We’ll help you make the right choice for the best performance, least wear, and greatest efficiency
CAT Skid Steer and Compact Track Loader - Daily Maintenance Overview

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