PM825 Cold Planer

Product Description

The PM825 is a high-production, highly maneuverable half-lane milling machine that perform controlled full-depth removal of asphalt and concrete pavements in a single pass.

Operating Width
10.03 ft
3.14 m
Maximum Truck Clearance
15.95 ft
4.86 m
Cutting System
Maximum Milling Depth
13 in
330 mm
Milling Width
98.6 in
2505 mm
Number of Bits
Rotor Speeds
100 / 109 / 118 rpm
Conveyor Swing
60 degrees from center
Height - Canopy
13.29 ft
4.05 m
Minimum Left Cutting Radius
6.56 ft
2 m
Minimum Right Cutting Radius
4.92 ft
1.5 m
Operating Length - Conveyor Up
47.62 ft
14.52 m
Transport Height
9.84 ft
3 m
Transport Length
40.79 ft
12.43 m
Transport Width
9.88 ft
3.01 m
Power Train
Global Emissions
Tier 4 Final / Stage IV
Maximum Milling Speed
328 ft/min
100 m/min
Maximum Travel Speed
3.7 mile/h
5.9 km/h
Rated Power
755 HP
563 kW
Service Refill Capacities
Cooling System
27.5 gal (US)
104 l
Engine Oil
16.9 gal (US)
65 l
Fuel Tank
288.1 gal (US)
1108 l
Hydraulic Tank
29.4 gal (US)
113 l
Water Spray System Tank
898 gal (US)
3400 l
Operating Weight
82650 lb
37500 kg
Transport Weight
74054 lb
33600 kg

Optional Equipment

Power Sun Canopy

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