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The AMD (Authorized Marine Dealer) network complements the service offered by Milton CAT, protecting your uptime even when you are far away from one of our locations. There are two levels of AMDs:

Full-Service Dealer:  Full Service AMDs are authorized to sell CAT parts and to perform complete CAT marine engine warranty service work as specified in the Global Warranty website. This includes repairs requiring the changing of password protected ECM parameters on a Factory Password System.  An Authorization Matrix is posted on AMD.Cat.com for specifics on what factory password-related warranty service work a full-service AMD is authorized to perform.  Full-service AMDs are authorized to perform complete marine engine warranty service work and commissioning sea trial work, as specified in the Service Warranty Guide, and to perform maintenance service, plus they have electronic diagnosis capability, they can perform inspection service, failure analysis, major repair and they have complete overhaul capability.

Maintenance-Level Dealer: Maintenance-level AMDs are authorized to sell parts and perform some CAT marine engine warranty service work as specified in the Global Warranty website of Maintenance Service. All AMDs, at minimum, need to be capable of providing the following services:  Change oil, filters, belts, and coolant. Perform other basic maintenance as required by CAT Maintenance guide, perform some marine engine warranty. Perform minor repairs and replacement of peripheral components, rotating electrics, and water pump using standard tooling. Market selected CAT parts over a parts counter.

If you are an Authorized Marine Dealer and would like to visit the AMD site, please click here.



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