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Syracuse Undercarriage Repair



Caterpillar is the only original equipment manufacturer that designs and produces its own undercarriage and Milton CAT is the authorized CAT Dealer that knows how to help assure you get the most from that your undercarriage investment.   When you consider that 50% of a track-type machine’s owning and operating costs come from its undercarriage, it is Milton CAT’s top priority to make sure you maximize your investment and is there to help in delivering the most value to your bottom line. 
Milton CAT unique undercarriage service advantages are as follows …

  • Free Undercarriage Inspections
  • Repairs Completed by Service Technicians that Really Know Undercarriage
  • The Specialized Tooling to Perform Wet and Dry Pin and Bushing Turns - In a wet turn, undercarriage links are pressed down, bushing seals replaced, tracks are pressed back together, and the pins are filled with new oil using a vacuum to fill.  In a dry turn, the old seals are reused with the bushings turned before the links are pressed back together.
  • Fully Equipped Wash Bays...cleanliness is a must when completing undercarriage related repairs!  We fully wash every undercarriage before and after the repair.
  • Properly Calibrated Torque Wrenches...we are constantly checking our torque wrench calibrations and always torque our bolts to Caterpillar factory specifications
  • Guaranteed Up-Front Repair Pricing...all undercarriage repairs come with a guaranteed up-front price that you will have in writing before the start of the repair!


"How To" Videos to Maximize Your Undercarriage Wear Life


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