Hydraulic Hose Assembly


Hydraulic Hose Repair and Assembly in Stoughton

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Hose failures result in costly downtime for your crew and equipment. Milton CAT in Stoughton always strives to go above and beyond expectations for customers in Southeastern MA, no matter the service or repair we're providing. CAT hose and couplings are built better to last longer and fit all makes and models of mobile construction equipment.


Same Day Hose Repairs
With a complete inventory of hose and couplings in stock, your hose repairs can be made quickly for all makes and models of equipment. Hose repair rooms in Stoughton are stocked, equipped and staffed to perform repairs while you wait. If we do not have the parts to build your hydraulic hose that day, we will supply it to you for free.

If you are doing the repair yourself, call ahead and your order will be ready to be picked up or shipped out.  You can also pick up your parts at a Parts Drops Location.

A Network of Authorized Repair Centers
Milton CAT customers have access to a network of authorized Hydraulic Hose Repair Centers to provide the best quality service and products available whenever you need it. We also have a network of Parts Drops locations across Massachusetts, ready to serve you.

CAT Hoses Fit All Makes and Models
Hose repairs can be made on all makes and models of mobile construction equipment, not just the Caterpillar brand. CAT hose products are compatible with both CAT and non-CAT equipment.


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