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This season at Milton CAT Tonawanda, we're celebrating our first full year.  Stop by for fresh new offers and to see what our expert staff and state-of-the-art facility can do for you.

A city this strong could only be built with an even stronger foundation.  That foundation?  Well, they don't call it the City of Good Neighbors for nothing.  Here's to building Buffalo, together.


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Take a look around while taking your time.  There's no rush and no set tour, so explore as you like.  As you enter our 3D facility, you'll come across Hot Spots with more information on what our new facility has to offer.
How to take the tour. This is an interactive tour that allows you to virtually walk through our Tonawanda facility.

Upon entering the tour, you will be taken to the welcome desk. Begin exploring by clicking in the direction you would like to move. To change directions or to look left, right, up, or down, click, hold, and drag your mouse in any direction. Continue to click in the direction you are headed until you reach a blue Hot Spot dot. Hover over or click the Hot Spots to learn about the unique features of our facility. Click the image to expand it. Throughout the tour, you will also see yellow Hot Spots that allow you to move from building to building when you click on them.

If you are viewing on a mobile or touch screen device, tap in the direction you would like to move and drag your finger to change directions or to look left, right, up, or down.

For an overview of the entire facility, or if you ever get lost, click the dollhouse view in the bottom left corner –
In dollhouse view, you can click, hold, and drag to change your viewing angle and click into any part of the facility you wish to explore.



Jason Pierce - Sales Manager
Email:  Jason_Pierce@miltoncat.com 


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