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SIS2.0 & Parts.Cat.Com Training Request Form

This course is designed to illustrate the features and benefits of using SIS2.0 and parts.cat.com. In the PCC Module, we will cover the steps require to complete a simple order, check on price and availability, explain replacement parts, remanufactured products, core tracking, planned maintenance checklist, and more. In the SIS2.0 Module, we will highlight new features, discuss the changes between Legacy SIS and SIS2.0, as well as part identification, navigating the site, creating parts lists, finding kit information and much more.

Class will be held virtually on the first Thursday of the month from 9am to 11am.  Additional classes will be offered based on demand.

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The SIS2.0 portion of the training will focus on part identification. Preventative Maintenance and information contained within the Operation and Maintenance Manual will be covered. Customers who have purchased a subscription for SIS2.0 and are interested in Service and Repair instruction should note their interest in the free text and it will be considered for future offerings.


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