RM500B Rotary Mixer

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Product Description

Enhancements and versatility make this durable industry workhorse an exceptional value. High production and excellent production quality go hand-in-hand with low operating and maintenance costs.

Maximum Operating Weight
62611 lb
28400 kg
Operating Specifications
Cutting/Mixing Width
96 in
2438 mm
Rotor Speed - Third (at 2100 Engine rpm)
205 r/min
205 r/min
Maximum Travel Speed
6.2 mile/h
10 km/h
Operating Speed
2 mile/h
3.2 km/h
Rotor Options
Universal, Combination, Soil
Rotor Speed - First (at 2100 Engine rpm)
110 r/min
110 r/min
Rotor Speed - Second (at 2100 Engine rpm)
152 r/min
152 r/min
Maximum Cutting/Mixing Depth
20 in
508 mm
Gross Power
546 HP
407 kW
Engine Model
Ground Clearance
19.9 in
506 mm
9.58 ft
2.98 m
33.83 ft
10.32 m
Wheel Base
21.33 ft
6.55 m
Maximum Height
11.78 ft
3.59 m
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity
279 gal (US)
1056 l

Optional Equipment

Push Bar
Torque Limiter
Product Link
Mirror Package
Roll Over Protective Structure
Universal Rotor
Combination Rotor
Soil Rotor
Water Spray System
Ultra Low-flow Water Spray System
Emulsion Spray System
Roading Light Package
Counterweight Kit
Amber Warning Beacon Light
Remote Camera - Rear Mixing Chamber Door

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