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3D Site Modeling

Because the World Isn't Flat 

Get the most out of your machine’s technology with a high-quality 3D site model from Tri-Point Construction Layout. Tri-Point provides a solid foundation for working with technology by preparing data and creating detailed 3D site models. With all the project details laid out in a Tri-Point model, your machine will precisely grade and excavate without grade stakes increasing your project’s accuracy and efficiency.

Benefits of a High-Quality 3D Site Model:

Increased productivity
Less rework

Supports constructability review
Fuel savings

Accuracy in fewer passes Optimize use of materials Stay ahead of the competition Reduced labor costs

Don't Risk It. 

While a high-quality model can improve your accuracy, efficiency, and safety, a low-quality model riddled with errors can slow down your project and negatively impact your job site. Avoid rework and wasted materials and get the job done right the first time by using an error-free site model created by the experts at Tri-Point. 


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Who can benefit from a 3D site model?

You can! A 3D site model from Tri-Point can help heavy and civil site contractors, asphalt contractors, and general contractors increase their productivty of any size project. 

How is a 3D site model created? 

Tri-Point's 3D site model creation process begins by reviewing and organizing the CAD files and paper site plans.  The information is re-layered and every element is color-coded so the linework can be seen and easily selected for stakeout in the field. After the data is ready, a layout map and a 3D finish grade surface of the project is produced. The layout map and grading surface are then loaded into the machine control technology so the machine can precisely follow the site plans. The Tri-Point team works closely with their customers and pays close attentions to detail to produce as precise a model as possible.

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