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Temperature Control In Stoughton

Temperature control units, including chillers, industrial portable heaters and AC units in Stoughton and all of Southeastern MA. 

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Milton CAT is your source for industrial temperature control solutions for a wide variety of industries. Whether you need solutions for a remote worksite, factory floor, corporate event space, or anything in between, we’ve got it.

Our air conditioner units include 1 and 5-ton models; 12-ton models; 20-ton entertainment units; 30-ton with an optional heater attachment, and 80-ton units. Available heater units have a range of discharge from 85º to 600º. You can choose thermostatically controlled natural gas or propane units, 300,000 to 4M BTU, and electric units from 40kW to 150kW. Air cooled chillers range in capacity from 30 to 200 tons and come with water hoses, reducers, and elbows.

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30 Ton Air Cooled Chiller

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200 Ton Air Cooled Chiller


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12 Ton Air Conditioner

30 Ton Air Conditioner

80 Ton Air Conditioner


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