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Do these situations sound familiar?

You’ve been managing to keep your stores full, even though the competitive environment is the toughest you’ve seen in a while. Now, an unexpectedly long heat wave is leaving your chain of convenience markets panting for extra AC units. Getting dozens of them to be distributed across the region is not so easy, though.

Your venue succeeded in securing a top star for the weekend performance, and tickets have sold out. Suddenly the weather has taken a dip for the worse and the temperature inside the tent is frigid. Heating it up will require the sort of large-scale heater and all the appropriate accessories that no local rental store would have.

The list of real-life examples can go on and on. Maybe your own challenge will not be exactly the same, but you know what we’re talking about – needing top notch, EPA-approved air conditioner units, heaters or chillers, fast. Not wanting to overpay for them. And looking for expert advice on the best options.

There’s a proven answer to your challenge, and it’s provided by Milton CAT. Whenever you need temporary air-conditioners, heaters or chillers, you can count on our comprehensive line of state-of-the-art, emission-compliant units, all ready to go.

For more information please contact:

Massachusetts/Rhode Island
Audra Wilson
(508) 634-5557
New York
Dave Paddock
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Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont
Steve Woodcock
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All other states
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