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Motor Graders from Milton CAT set a new standard for operational efficiency. Revolutionary joystick steering control shortens training, and simplifies operation, greatly reducing hand and wrist movement. These machines also offer industry-leading fuel efficiency and feature a cab design of unmatched comfort, visibility and ease of use, increasing productivity and accuracy. CAT Motor Graders are equipped with very advanced safety systems and come automation-ready for GPS and laser-guided grading systems. A unique moldboard retention system allows the shims to be changed by one person without having to get under the machine, dramatically reducing service time. Power management automatically delivers an additional five horsepower in each gear, optimizing rimpull. An all-wheel drive option is available on most models.




Model Operating Weight Net Power Std Blade
NorAm 65E 16,000 lbs. 110 hp 10' View Product Information
120M 31,069 lbs. 138 hp 12' View Product Information
12M 32,016 lbs. 158 hp 12' View Product Information
140M 33,356 lbs. 183 hp 12' View Product Information
14M 47,133 lbs. 259 hp 14' View Product Information
160M 35,060 lbs. 213 hp 14' View Product Information
16M 57,452 lbs. 297 hp 16" View Product Information
24M 137,692 lbs. 533 hp 24' View Product Information