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When your goal is high production rates and your objective is a smooth, even surface even in a congested work area, a CAT Cold Planer supported by Milton CAT will offer unparalleled results. Cutting effectiveness is assured by the machine’s up-cutting “heads” or mandrels, and also by the optimum weight-to-horsepower balance. A load control system keeps the CAT Cold Planer operating at peak efficiency and front-discharge conveyors facilitate haul unit movement.


 Cold Planers

Model Weight Gross Power Cutting Width Fuel Capacity
PM-102 38,810 lbs 225 hp 3.3 ft 105 gal View Product Information
PM-200 68,135 lbs 575 hp 6.6 ft 290 gal View Product Information
PM-201 84,104 lbs 650 hp 6.9 ft 250 gal View Product Information


 Skid Steer and Multi Terrain Loader Cold Planers

Model Weight Drum Width Hydraulic Flow
PC 205   1,654 lbs 18" 21 - 33 gpm
PC 206 1,998 lbs 24" 25 - 37 gpm
PC 210 2,381 lbs 38" 25 - 37 gpm

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