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C4.4, D40-6 40 kW
C4.4, D40-6 Single Phase 40 kW
C4.4, D50-6 50 kW
C4.4, D50-6 Single Phase 50 kW
C4.4, D60-6 60 kW
C4.4, D60-6 Single Phase 60 kW
C4.4, D80-6 80 kW
C4.4, D80-6 Single Phase 80 kW
C4.4, D100-6 100 kW
C4.4, D100-6 Single Phase 100kW
C6.6, D125 125 kW
C6.6, D150 150 kW
C6.6, D175 175 kW
C9, 200 kW
C9, 250 kW
C9, 300 kW
C15, 350 kW
C15, 400 kW
C15, 450 kW
C15, 500 kW
C18, 550 kW
C18, 600 kW
C27, 750 kW
C27, 800 kW
C32, 1,000 kW
3512C, 1,500 kW
3516C, 2,000 kW
3516C HD, 2,500 kW
​C175, 3,000 kW
Diesel Generators

​Thank you for your interest on the Milton CAT comprehensive inventory of diesel-powered generators. Our units range from 40 kW to 3,000 kW.

If you have any question, the Power Systems team is looking forward to offering you expert advice regarding our inventory, and which options will best fit your particular application. Milton CAT Power Systems also offers unparalleled parts availability as well as all the ancillaries you may require.
​Standby Generator Product Line
​​Gas Generators

Call your nearest Milton CAT location to learn more about how Milton CAT can help support your next power project.